Around 10:30 with the rain I mentioned it the morning blog easing away and a long time before lunch I needed a snack.I bit the bullet and tried the chocolate cornflakes and was pleasantly surprised,they are rather tasty.Max did suggest just eating them dry as a snack,sorry Max not to my taste but with milk on they are fine.
It was around this time Sooty woke up looking for mischief and decided eating my runner was a good game,he soon tired of that and fell asleep half under it then after a while he woke up again and went to bed.You will see one end of the coffee table in this photo,a glance will tell you this is Ellen's domain.

Zazzles of course slept on,he awoke at 11 and seeing a lull in the rain headed off over the garden wall and down to the little green but soon returned and went back to sleep.

This afternoon I visited the physio mainly for check and to find out the usefulness or drawbacks of the brace belt. After poking and prodding and having me doing a few stretching exercises she decided that my back is as good as it's going to get and any change will be for the worse. We already knew this was on the cards from earlier visits going back a few years. Anyway she was content I was treating it as well as I could and said the brace belt would have been her next step anyway,in fact she showed me where she had written it in her notes.

Here is a little piece from the local rag about Sooty's pal Luiz.
Luiz dad left the family home.
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