We were promised rain today and sure enough a little before nine a fine mizzle set it. Both cats were out but it wasn't long before a rather grumpy Sooty came in, demanding drying,demanding food and then going to bed. A few minutes later I heard the unmistakable plaintive cry of Zazzles,he was on the window sill wanting in, he too demanded food but doesn't like being dried. Sooty heard him and came down again.They both had a good wash and are now asleep on their cushions.
This was their first summer and they have been lucky with the weather. Some longish dry spells have meant plenty of exploring and adventures
Autumn is not far off which should give them new adventures.It will be fun to see what they make of any hedgehogs that rumble through the garden looking for a cozy winter berth but our long winters are usually fast on Autumn's heels which will be a shock to the intrepid explorers,they were not happy with the cold wet spring.I see plenty of mayhem happening around the house in the months ahead.