A cooler fresher morning here with bright sunshine forecast later so with no overnight reacion from my back I decided the best thing to do was mow the grass this morning.
I donned my back support and headed out. Allan was away walking the dog and John was pottering in his greenhouse.This only left Allan's son Andrew to say Good morning to and I soon found he is as easy as his Dad to stop working. He decided it was brew time so I thought it would be churlish not to join him for a chinwag.We passed a pleasant 20 minutes or so before I started my work and he returned to his.
I had cut the top section of the grass which is just over ¼ of the total when I saw John waving from the other side of the fence. I stopped and wandered over and he was clutching a tray of tomatoes for me,just plucked from the vine this morning. There are a couple of large ones perfect for cheese and tomato butties and a dozen small ones perfect for adding to pasta sauces,or salads or just eaten as they are as I did with a couple.They have that lovely taste and smell only really fresh fruit has. Another 30 minutes passed before he wandered back into his greenhouse and left me to my mowing.I cut the other section on that side before deciding to take no chances and rest my back so I came in for a sit and a brew with what should have been 30 to 40 minutes work behind me but it took about double that. Still it's not a race, nice and steady does it every time.It is getting near lunch break so I will continue mowing after that. Cheese and tomato butties sound just the thing followed by a few dark chocolate Jaffa Cakes.
This afternoon the patch I have left to do is on the side nearest to Allan so I expect a lot more stoppages.
Catch you soon have fun