I spent a lazy afternoon after the grass was done,or at least as much as I was cutting today.
I had a quick sweet chilli chicken with rice about 3:30 after stopping both Allan and John working,had a chat with Sue and Pauline and cooked Ellen another quick meal,Chinese chicken with rice.
I had a visit from Stephen earlier which was good he is off work for the Bank Holiday,we chatted awhile about important things like the footie and upcoming rugby season before he wandered off.
Tonight is another lazy time for me the pots are washed all is cleared away all that needs to be done is to sit in the evening sun with a cool beer,I think I can manage that.
My back is in good fettle by the way with not so much as a twinge after today's exertions which I am both surprised and delighted about.

After writing about the origins of the word husbandry and husband I thought I would balance things up with wife.

noun (plural wives)

a married woman considered in relation to her husband.
archaic or dialect a woman, especially an old or uneducated one
Not very flattering methinks and rather sums up the low esteem women were held in back then,when I man could beat his wife with no repercussions provided he followed the rule of thumb.
This meant a man could legally beat his wife as long as the stick or cane he used was no thicker than his thumb and I think is was a long time before the law was changed.