After the success I reported earlier with the laptop this morning and the sun shining brightly it looked like a good day ahead

A lovely day for my little trip into town so I strolled over,not much to get today and plenty of time to do some people watching waiting for my ride home.Sunday is a good time for this as nobody is in a hurry so there are plenty of people to chat to,unfortunately this morning I only found sane ones which is a shame the odd nutter does brighten my day.

The most interesting was a bronzed young man who has spent a year back packing in South America and he was finding our warm morning decidedly chilly.He enjoyed the experience but the amount of poverty in some areas upset him. He is away in a week or so for his new job with some electronics company in Germany.He looks the kind of man to do well and he does speak fluent German which helps of course.

I did learn something while I was shopping. I spotted some Corn flakes and decided they would make a nice change from shredded wheat. Corn flakes always surprise me by how good they are if I haven't had them for a while. Anyway I picked a box up and it wasn't until I was unpacking later I noticed something.
Did you know they make chocolate corn flakes? Well it was something new to me.Still it will be an experience.

So the rest of the day is an lazy one,I have a beef casserole simmering in the slow cooker. All it needs is a couple of plate sized Yorkshire puddings baking when its ready and the jobs done. The sunshine beckons so it's knees on show and into the garden for me. I will stop Allan and the boys working of course because that's my duty and do some reading.
Catch you later.