I must have upset the computer Gods somewhere along the line because this morning all 4 of the USB ports on my laptop went belly up. This meant the wireless mouse and speakers wouldn't work. I checked the system and found Microsoft have disabled a USB Family host controller because of a fault. I thought updating the driver might do it but Microsoft told me the driver was up to date
So I am back on my PC with the rogue keyboard and it's driving me nuts,until I figure it out
10 minutes to type this so don't expect any speedy replies

Well things are looking better. when the USB keyboard for my PC started acting the oilcan I did the usual things and left it. Yesterday I decided to try a light spray with WD40 and let it dry out for a day or so. Well the antics of my wired keyboard led me to try it out and Hey Presto the magical WD40 did it's business. The cap lock, F buttons,delete and numerical section are not working but I don't use the numbers and the cap lock and delete buttons not working is no problem, everything else seems OK. All I want it to do is last until my new one comes and I will be a happy bunny.