Here I am with blog number 3,you lot must have been really bad today to suffer this much
It has been very humid and clammy here but with the electrical storm forecast for later and a yellow rain warning in place(no silly Not a warning for yellow rain) I thought I would test my back and new support belt on the front grass that be the easiest of them. I didn't chance strimming that is a literally a pain in the back.The grass had grown longer than I would have liked with the recent rains and then my back throwing a wobbler but I manged OK.No aches or pains as yet the belt seems to be doing it's job fine,of course that could all change later.I will resist the temptation to get carried away and get the strimmer out tomorrow,although the weather should make sure I rest anyway.
Only one interruption and that was from Bimbo.He was back from fishing and not a lot to show.He did catch a flatty but threw that back hoping for better fare.He was about to give up and cast for a last time,this was a good idea because he landed himself a nice Sea Bass for his tea.So all in all he is a happy bunny but 6 hours for a fish seems a terribly long time to me.
A nice quiet night lays ahead with a game of footie to watch.Dinner was nice and tasty chicken thighs basted in a honey and garlic glaze with Chinese rice.Pots done and all work over is over.I have my coffee mug filled, ginger fingers beside it ready to dunk and my trusty pipe filled ready for an after coffee smoke.Catch you later have fun