A hot sticky morning here and getting hotter. The temp was 76f humidity 80% at 2am when I went to bed and 76f- 85% humidity when I checked at 6:30 this morning.This might not be hot for a lot of you but here on the north west coast of England it is seriously hot for those times of day and night.Looking at the clouds rain is in the area although not forecast until this evening accompanied by thunder. One of my ambitions is to catch lightning on camera not easy with my little pocket machine.
I had a few errands to run this morning so decided to try out my new back support belt. The distance is only a 1½ miles I wanted to try it for comfort before a long hike.
I dropped the old BT box in a pre paid bag at the Post Office,BT take all their old equipment back and recycle it.An old friend was going in as I was leaving so I waited for him and walked his way home before carrying on.From there it was a stroll past the allotments on my way to the chemist for my magic smarties.I stopped for a chat with a fella clearing a section of his ground ready for spring cabbage.On my way back from the chemist he shouted me and gave me a little bag with a cabbage,4 carrots and 3 onions in. I thanked him and offered coin of the realm in payment but he refused saying he was just clearing space.
I carried on and stopped for a chat with an old man who sits in his hallway with the door open and his little dog at his feet, they watch the world go by and talk to anybody going along the street.Well the dog doesn't talk of course but he is up for the odd growl
On to the booze shop for the weekend grog and a chat with another old friend Alice on the way out she is looking well for her 70+ years and cycles 4 or 5 miles on most fine days.She too was picking up the weekend grog in her case a small bottle of mother's ruin.
So errands over I headed home,distance traveled 1.55 miles time taken 1hour 12 minutes So 12 minutes or so walking the rest of the time just spent in relaxing conversation. It is not life in the fast lane around here ,we are not even in the slow lane I don't think. time for a chew and a brew.
P.S. the belt in comfy