An interesting day.
First thing to go belly up was my PC keyboard as you may have read,I coupled my desktop speakers to the laptop as well to get some decent sound.

The next incident concerned a little black cat called Sooty,he caught and ate a mouse.I went to take it off him but he saw me coming and was over the wall and onto the little green before I could get there.He gave it a good chewing but I don't know if he actually ate it. He is non the worse either way,eating and drinking as normal.

Things picked up after that,the sun came out and I managed to sit in the garden for a while,I am still resting my back.
I got what I hope will help when I visited the nurse,a back support belt.It just fastens on with Velcro and I have to try it on any walks or manual work.

Mid afternoon a new Vision + box came for my TV. It is faster and has more memory than the old one and HD is available on some programmes and nearly all films. I had a good mess about with that after I set it up and the HD is very good.

Now all is quiet but another little mishap occurred when I was typing box,the x flew off the laptop keyboard and I can't find it.The x still works as you can see and being the only one without a button it's easy to find.
Catch you soon it's brew time