After a lazy afternoon which only consisted of making the sausage pasta bake I mentioned a while ago I sat down for a while and debated an evening stroll on the beach in the hope of capturing a nice sunset on camera.
Then Wham!!!!! an almighty back spasm hit me. They have a habit of sneaking up when I feel perfectly fine,I swallowed a couple of ineffectual pain killers and retired to my massager. 30 minutes on that and I feel much better but not up to a stroll or anything else come to that. So after a lazy afternoon it is going to be a lazier night. I have my chair in semi recline mode and have snuggled into that for a while with a book and a brew. I am really comfy when the chair is in this position but typing is a tad awkward and drinking coffee takes care. Yes it is coffee all you smart Alecs who sent me such endearing words of sympathy yesterday,I was very moved by your concern.
Logging off now catch you in a little while when the back eases