After a dull morning the sun managed to break through this afternoon. My first job was to clear the debris scattered around the garden from yesterday's wind. My garden recyle bin had beem blown half way down the garden and the contents scattered,I found the watering can tangled in a gooseberry bush and all the long stemmed wild flowers looked as though a heard of rhino had trampled through them.
The flowers I left to mother nature to solve and the other bits were easily sorted despite having Sooty help me.
I did find 2 plastic plant pots which will probably belong to John,well they do now if they didn't before because I put them over the fence.
A more welcome sight was the appearance of a couple of newbies in the flowers.
There is a host of small buds ready to burst open on this one.

There7 or 8 of these,they have long slender stems and are about a foot high