A nice sunny day here so it was back to clearing the shed. I removed the last of the loose shelving and tongue and groove,sawed it into short lengths and bagged it up. I now have 7 bags waiting for a friendly neighbour to be going past the tip in town to dump it for me. Now I have 2 full length fixed shelves,a large plastic container,a mop bucket,a rotting paste table,3 pieces of MDF and various amall sheets of ply to clear. then it is dismantelling the shed itself and breaking that up. The state it's in the challenge won't be difficult just the removal may take a while.
After bagging up I put my tools away and after a chat with Allan and 2 of his boys busy on their extension I headed in for a brew.Then I heard Allan shouting me so headed out again.
this is what happened next.
Allan said "Here's a beer for you Mick"
Me " Cheers mate that will hit the spot"
Allan and his boys watched as I opened the can
Allan "Is it OK ?"
me " Yes fine why?"
Allan " I found 4 cans in a carrier bag in the shed,they have been there since before Christmas so I thought you might taste it before we had a can"
Allan and his lads fells about laughing.
It's good to have nice neighbours.
I am plotting my revenge.
I had a nice message from John when I came in and we are now linked on Skype
Time to find something to cook for dinner,no idea what until I find it. Catch you soon