A nice enough morning with sunny spells meant I could continue the garden clear up. I cleared the outside of the shed getting rid of that by breaking it up and putting it in the wheelie bin.
Then at last the inside which wasn't as bad as I feared,there was some old shelving and that looked the best place to start so I dragged my workbench out and sawed them into small pieces before bagging them. I filled 4 bags before have a chat to Allan and taking a brew and chew break.That was as far as it got today,I just finished my coffee when I noticed the noise from Allan and his boys had stopped and looked out to see why. The reason was plain,rain was sweeping down and the were sheeting up. That meant I had to dash out collect my drill and workbench and stow the bags of wood in the shed. The rain has set in now so no more work today.The cats are miffed as well they were having a great time cavorting around the garden,now they are causing havoc in here.
A quiet night on the cards,no evening stroll only Ellen's dinner to dish up when she gets in from her long shift.She left for work at 5:30am and is not due home until around 6,a long day for her so she'll be tired and hungry.My chicken casserole should hit the spot.