After a dodgy morning the sun broke through at lunch time and it was a pleasant sunny afternoon if a little breezy. The sunflower I posted in this mornings blog must have shamed it into appearing.
With the knees on show I tackled the side of the shed again and have a nice pile ready for the dustbin after it gets emptied tomorrow.
Bimbo came along as I was cutting wood up so that was a compulsory break. He offered to take a bag or two when he goes past the tip which he does on occasion so with him,and Allan helping and the dustbin taking small quantities each week I hope to clear the site before winter sets in. So a nice couple of hours soon went by and it was time for a brew and a sit on the garden chair bird watching. I did some washing before peeling spuds for dinner which was easy to make and very tasty,a clean plate from Ellen again that's what I like to see she works hard and needs her nourishment.
I spotted a few butterflies on the Buddleia today but the little monsters vanished before I got to them so I resorted to a x15 zoom shot through the window and got this.

Later on one did stay long enough for one snap close up.

So all work is done for the day and Ellen lowered my ears,my hair grows quickly and needs a regular going over with the trimmers. Now we are both on computers and the cats are away on an adventure,peace reigns.