A cold damp day here barely 60f/15c and rain on the way.
I wandered off to the shop for a few necessities,spuds and onions meaning to head straight back but the evil people it the pie shop had different ideas.They had their pie magnet on full power and I was drawn to it. With a steak pie tucked into my pocket I headed home and came across a sight to gladden the heart.
This sunflower was poking it's head over a fence cheering the place up.

Sorry I just couldn't resist the doodle.

So lunch is sorted,the pie with a few peas added and a simple dinner later,2 of the gammon steaks I bought yesterday with creamed mash and baby carrots smothered in butter.The gammon will have a poached egg perched on them of course and the yolk will flood them when broken,a simple dinner but delicious.
So that's me worked out for the day apart from a metal hunt in and around the shed ready to put out tomorrow for the scrap man.