Today I was going to go over the bridge to the Iceland store to shop and order it to be delivered later but it is a cold dark morning with a real threat of rain. The idea abandoned I turned my thoughts to today's dinner. The freezers are getting low and the food repetitive or boring.
A few days ago I received a £5 voucher from Tesco and that turned out to be the answer so I wandered off there.
The meat deal is buy three and get the cheapest free and I thought with my £5 voucher I could better that deal.
I bought some minced beef steak and 2 twin packs of Gammon steaks,I collected some sunflower oil and headed for the check out.The result was thus
beef £3:15
gammon steaks £2:49 x 2
sunflower oil £1:88
total £10:01
less £2:49 for one pack of Gammon steaks
total £7:52
less £5 voucher
total £2:52
So for around the price of a pair of gammon steaks I got another 2 plus the beef and sunflower oil.
Now that's what I call bargain shopping.
I am a happy bunny this morning,savoury mince pasta bake for dinner methinks