It is 12months today since I washed up on these shores looking for a new home. Dear Aus greeted me on that very first day. A sweet lady who visited me daily from Multiply to here but alas she has now left the scene have many others from my 360 and multiply past. The next day I posted my first photo and a short blog and two new people arrived who were to become dear friends. Max and Summer gave me a warm welcome followed later by many more, some have also exited stage left some like the above and John and Gracie have hung around and dear Jenny of course has been a wonderful friend since 360 days.I still get the occasional visit from Jean and Neville from the old days and that's always nice
The group I am in regular contact with now is small and very friendly,just how I like it.
So thanks IP for letting me find some smashing new pals when I was adrift and homeless in cyber space.