Nothing much is moving on the island today apart from rain. My garden flooded a little last night but when I got up this morning things had dried up. That didn't last long the rain started at 7 and looks set for the day. Not light summer showers this but a full blown downpour and the garden is well and truly under water now.
No work for Ellen today she is still hobbling about with backache so it will be a Facebook day for her with me as the gofer.

The cats have a new found liking for heavy rain. Zazzles led from the front going out when the rain was at it's zenith closely followed by Sooty. The rest of the morning they spent cavorting in the rain with breaks for food before heading out again. They look as though they have just swam a river.At the moment they are taking a siesta but for how long before they hear the call of the rain I don't know.

I didn't have any plans for today which is just as well I am well cabined up and dunking ginger fingers in my coffee,one of the simpler pleasures of life.