With Flickr possibly on it's last legs through mutiny and desertions by it's members I thought I would check to make sure I have all the photos on there elsewhere which I have. I came across an little album of How Tun woods while I was there and decided to post it here.The direct download to here didn't work which didn't surprise me so I have uploaded them from my external hard drive.
This little woods has an interesting history well worth a look if you have a few minutes
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The photos show the view over the wonderful Lake District and some along the pathways.
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The new boss of RBS bank.that's the one the tax payer bailed out,will not claim his bonus payments for this year and next.
He states he will live off his salary alone.
Makes you wonder how he will manage on only £1 million a year doesn't it? . I mean it's a meagre £83,333.3 per month