After the dull heavy morning the afternoon improved with the sun winning it's battle and burning the clouds off. The humidity dropped to around 70% and the temps in my garden hovered around 80f a perfect day for a little outdoor reading and a glass of cold fruit cider followed my a choc-ice.
The cats just lolled around looking for shade,no playing chase for them today.
I tucked the old computer back under the table having given it a run out and downloaded the mass of updates waiting and did an scan although it hasn't been switched on to catch anything since I last did one. There is will stay now to I give it another little warm up in a couple of months.
Laptop day tomorrow it is a couple of weeks since I fired that up.I need to download the BT sport player on to that amongst other bits and bobs.
The evening is turning into a nice one so I am off to keep the cats company in the garden for a while.
Here is a photo of Sooty relaxing on my knees this morning before I donned my shorts. Then he is banned because his claws are lethal and he is not fussed where he digs them in. Time he had a good brushing methinks