A damp and very humid day here.89%
Nothing much to do today only kitchen fatigues so I sorted dinner early,roast ham from the farm shop with new potatoes and baby carrots,no prepping needed just a little cooking when it's time.
With a quiet day ahead I thought it was time to fire the old computer up and give it a spin.
It is an old beast but has given me hours of pleasure.This is where I found the internet and met all the wonderful people I have.It is very slow with an XP from Windows 2000 upgraded o/s and I still run it on wired keyboard and mouse with a big square monitor. Not one of the original bulky ones that were the weight of a small van but a bit beefy just the same.It is a slow as treacle on a January morning and has limited space and very limited memory compared with the HP I have now but at the time it served me well and still plods on in it's own good time.
The original hard drive was 20gb and the seller said I would never fill it. It had no modem,this was the days of dial up and I run an old dot matrix printer that clattered like a demented helicopter.
But back then although it is not long ago 2006 or 7 I think I was delighted at the wonders the computer performed
She's a tired old girl now in computer years but she served me well,so I thought I would give her a treat and write this blog on her a simple task not requiring a lot of effort on her part.
Catch you soon.