I went for a nice stroll down memory lane this morning. I toddled off to the beach,on to the sand and walked along through rock pools just as I starting doing with Margaret over 40 years ago.The water didn't seem as cold back then but we were young and madly in love so maybe it was and we didn't notice.
there were quite a few jellyfish on the high tide mark.
Increasing numbers of moon, compass, blue and lion’s mane jellyfish caused by the warm spell mean a keen eye needs to be kept by bathers.

I had a nice surprise when I arrived home from my walk, I had a message to ring BT which I did
BT the communications giant have set up sports channels on their TV service from 1st Aug,free of charge for their broadband customers.This means instead of subscribing to Sky which is expensive I can watch all the top footie and rugby games free,I like that. There is also an app for tablets and an internet player for PC and laptop also free.The call was to tell me my sports viewing card was ready for dispatch
A nice young man called Dave found me two deals while I was on. For 6 months I am getting a £10 a month reduction in my broadband package and £2 a month off my telephone line rental. That's a £72 saving,not to be sniffed at.

Also a new arrival in the garden made me smile,I remember this from a couple of years ago. Love in the mist it's common name,it's a hardy annual and comes in lots of colours,it is a member of the buttercup family.There must be 20 or so of these scattered around I hope they all bloom together or in batches.