A cold grey morning and the buzz-saw purring of Sooty greeted me on awakening.
As I stirred myself and sat on the side of the bed I also heard the sound of summer rain falling gently on my window pain and realised summer may be over for us. If so it was a brief stay but a very welcome one.
Ablutions over and cats sorted I am now sat by the window with a coffee watching the ever cheerful garden birds having their breakfast.
So what to do today is the question and the answer is just relax and hope the sun returns soon,no shopping trip unless the weather improves drastically in the next 3 hours or so.
I might just have a look at what has been stored in my back up tv, maybe there's a good documentary in there somewhere,or I might reread one of Dicken's masterpieces,or have a dip into the world of Sherlock Holmes. I hope your are getting better weather than us,enjoy your day