Today is a big day in my grandsons Carl's life. He was 19 earlier in the week and tomorrow he flies the coop. He landed a job in a holiday camp on the edge of the Lake district national park on trial. His original ideas about career were scuppered by an error which sent him on an induction course in a subject he knew nothing of and cared even less.
So he has been struggling to find something he was interested in and came across a holiday camp wanting summer staff.He thought what the hell let's give it a shot for the summer. The outcome is he is having the time of his life and being keen to learn he has done stints in the kitchen ,bar, gardens and other places and already had offers of work for his efforts for the close season from a few places.
The thing is now he has the buzz and excitement of meeting people from other places he want's more so he has decided to leave home and live on site.It is only a short train ride away not far from Grange I showed you something of earlier and the steam fair you may have seen in my earlier photos.Home is not far away about 30 minutes by train.
Today he wanted to have the family and his closest friends round for a chew and a natter so a -BQ was organised and I toddled off early to have a few beers with Stephen and a chat to Gemma as Carl and Ellen were off into town buying stuff to cremate on the grill.
A big change in a young man's life but Carl has something about him and who knows where it will all end? Good luck my little grandson,you will be a credit to your late mother Deb( in the picture behind me and Carl ) and father Stephen, May fair weather and a following wind be always with you. I love you so much.
Back soon.
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