I awoke late around 7:15 and already it was warm and it got warmer so at 9 I decided on picking some blackcurrants for Allan and Sue. I spent an hour bending over picking the little fruits and my back didn't like it one little bit. I collected 4lb before I had enough bending and packed in with the two biggest bushes to go,they can be for another day. I filled a 9" pan with the fruit that should make them a couple of pies.

A quick coffee and I was off the cut the front grass which only takes about 20 minutes without interruptions. Only John and the Bimbo stopped for short chats so I was finished in around half an hour. The strimming can wait until tomorrow unless the promised storm arrives.There is a wowser in the Bay Of Biscay and heading our way. The south east gets it first then Jenny's patch then Wales before hammering up the west coast to us. Torrential rains forecast and flood warning are already out.
This means today is a good day to have a barbeque,Carl is having one as part of his 19 birthday celebrations.He said to me and Ellen we were to go in the afternoon as he wants rid of all the wrinkled folk early so he and his mates can let rip in the evening.
I have decided if it going to be a bad food and good booze day to set myself up with a full English breakfast for lunch and this morning's work makes it sound very welcoming, catch you soon.