As I was sitting in the front garden one of the fishermen came along and asked if I could use a couple of Cod steaks. Well that didn't prove to be a problem, one in the freezer and one in the fridge for dinner.
I will mix up a beer batter make some chips and open a tin of mushy peas,perfect. another advantage is of course opening a can of beer to make batter means there is an grand amount of beer left over.What could I possibly do with that ? Why of course just perfect to wash the fish and chips down.

My son Stephen called and we spent a quiet hour chin wagging before he wandered off to make his lunch. His little impromptu visits are always a nice surprise. Lunch for me and something different,I spied some chicken curry pasties when I was in Iceland on Thursday and as most things are improved by a pastry coat I decided to try them. It made a very tasty lunch followed by a chunk of Strawberry and cream Swiss roll washed down with coffee.Not a heathly day in the food stakes but what the hell it's a one off.

An afternoon in the garden just relaxing with a book.
Start the car The world according to Bumble.This will mean nothing to anybody only cricket fans,but is a laugh out loud romp through the funnier sides of the game.
As I took the top half of the parosol out to clip in I found Sooty in residence.

A break to have a chat with Allan's boys Jonathon and Andrew who were out the back fiddling with a motor bike.

A little colour appears at last not a lot but promise of more to come.

Two starlings on a feeder that seats 8 and still they squabble.

That's my day until dinner time,catch you later.