If you read my earlier blog you will have noticed my intention to go on a morning stroll which I did.
With the temps already rising I set of at 9 for a stroll along the prom as far as the bridge. Here I crossed the road to the park and the wooded area beyond.
There are some lovely yellow roses just inside one of the park entrances just the sight to bring a cheer to anybody's heart.
I walked alongside the park,down the road and into the little wild part,much more my cup of tea than manicured lawns etc.
I haven't been down since ealier in the year when nothing much was happening,now there are carpets of flowers scattered all over the place. It is a quiet place I only saw two dog walkers on the way. Gracie very kindly wrote yesterday that reading about my little walks relaxed her. Well Gracie you would love this one,it is only a short stretch just off the main drag but the trees muffle any traffic noise. All there is too hear is birdsong and the occasional rustling of some little beastie or other in the undergrowth.
In some peoples eyes it is not much to look at as they scurry through but to me it is a little piece of heaven,or my idea of what it should look like
I turned for home via the shops I had the weekend beer to buy,then over the road to the Co-op for some Jersey Royals( new potatoes) a few yards down the street a pie from the bakery then farther still some cold cut meat from the farm shop,finally next door to them for milk and butter from Mac's.
All sorted for my lunch and dinner I took a slow stroll the short distance home.Only a couple of miles today but it was peaceful.
Have fun today folks catch you later it's pie time.
Photos here