Today turned into a scorcher in my little garden suntrap,hit 90 around the hottest part of the day which is usually about 3 o'clock.Thankfully the humidity has dropped to under 70 but is still very sticky. I decided against an afternoon stroll with a warm breeze combined with the sun we had a recipe for sunburn. instead I splashed some more of the coconut smelling stuff on and divided my time between the garden and sat in front of the turbo fan.It has a12" multi bladed fan and really blasts cool air our.
The cats haven't been careering round like loons this afternoon but finding shade in Sooty's case or sleeping in Zazzle's, 3 hours and counting for him now.
I delayed lunch until things cooled a little but it never happened it had been 80f in here since noon despite having all the doors and windows in thew house open trying to catch a little breeze I finally cracked and made myself a pork chop with new potatoes and grated carrot, followed by a bowl of vanilla ice cream,very simple and very tasty.
I did take three more photos in the garden to go with this mornings,they are an aerial view of the 3 roses,a California poppy and a plant I haven't looked up yet but it looks familiar.
All pots washed and away,work done for the day time to sit out and have a read,catch you soon.