Another good day and warming up nicely,it is 76 as I write this and it's not II:30 yet.
I had a nice surprise when I came down this morning,a white poppy has bloomed in the garden and a couple more cornflowers have popped out as well.
Ellen left money to get more food for the cats and I needed fat ball for the birds so a trip over the bridge was on the cards.
I also needed some stuff from Iceland so decided on Tesco for the cat food,across the car park to Iceland for some man food. It is free delivery if you spend £25 so I did the mental arithmetic on the way round and clocked in at £26:50 (I ordered delivery for this afteroon) and across the road to B&M for the bird food and anything else that caught my eye.A chocolate fudge cake did just that.
I had left home at 7:50 to catch the shops before they got busy.With the bulk of the shopping being delivered I only had a little load to tote so I took time out to cross back over to Tesco and have a bacon bun and a coffee for a snack before heading home.I took the long way round and lingered on the channel side awhile just watching the world go by,it was lovely and peaceful. I might bring my lunch here one day just for a change of scenery.
I got back home at around 10:30 to find Zazzles asleep and Sooty chasing hoppy flying things in the garden.
Apart from awaiting the food delivery the rest of a warm/hot sunny day stretches out in front of me,I will enjoy that. I hope you are having fun folks.
Photos here