Another fine day,a little hazy at first but it soon cleared. After spending yesterday walking on concrete which took it's toll on my feet and back today I decided I needed grass under my feet.
I headed for the beach via the golf course and doubled back along the bank. I sat awhile on a bench, one with a view you have seen before. The sand and rock pools looked inviting so I made my way down there.
To the north of me it is pretty much sand as far the eye can see but to the south there are a lot more rocks and therefore rock pools to wade into and explore so that's the way I went. I had forgotten just how cold rock pools are but soon got used to them. I searched for little creatures but found none.
I wandered a good way down before it was time to turn for home.
The place where I came on to the sand was easily negotiated but the steep path back up had rocks some the size of footballs and they were very slippery with slimy seaweed. After I slipped and slid over that and got to the the pebbles at the top I met another obstacle in a steep bank where the pebbles took their turn to be unruly. I was glad to be back onto grass again and I had a slow stroll home detouring to The Farm Shop for some lovely slices of ham for dinner which we will have with new potatoes and fresh garden peas.
An early dinner today because I get rid of Ellen on the 6:00pm train,only until Sunday I'm afraid,it is her last organised jaunt of the year. With trying to save she was reluctant to go on these trips but with the hotels and venues paid for months ago that would be silly. So just me and the cats running wild with nobody to stop us.Yippee!!
I did get the obligatory bottles of real ale off her as well as a bribe for looking after the moggies
No great distance walked today and only an hour or so in length but never the less it was a pleasant walk.
Photos here