Today dawned bright and sunny so I decided it was a day for a trip somewhere. With my free bus travel pass I can travel anywhere within the local area so Windermere in the Lake District,The old market town of Kendal or Grange over Sands were my picks. I turned up at the bus stop and caught the first one that came along which happened to be Grange.It is not a traditional Seaside resort but a refined place with plenty of gardens lovely walks and museums and exhibitions.My first stop was the gardens with pond just by the bus stop,it is a very tranquil place to sit awhile and watch the birds.Surrounded by trees it is a little quiet spot just off the main drag.I sat there for half an hour or so just relaxing before crossing under the railway track by the station and having a wander along the promenade. It is about a mile long and festooned with flowers and shrubs,really beautiful.The tide was out and when it goes out in Morcambe Bay it goes a long way. Sheep were grazing on the foreshore as usual.I walked along about half a mile or so before crossing the tracks again and heading for the pub I found last time I was there. It is a free house which means it is not tied to any brewery and they serve some fine real ales. I had a homemade burger with salad and washed it down with a pint of Theakston's best,very refreshing.
I sat awhile chatting to folk and soaking up some rays first applying another dollop of sun screen with added coconut,something I had to repeat 3 times throughout the day.By the end of the afternoon I smelled very strongly of coconuts. I reached the end of the promenade and cut inland to see some of the big houses and hotels overlooking the bay and there are some stunners. I wandered along until I came to the pass under the bridge to take me back towards the station and stopped off for another Theakstons and more chin wagging outside with the locals.Taking my leave I wandered back passed the station and a little way along I heard a train coming so I took a snap of that. It hugs the shore on the way round the bay with wonderful views as it passes over a long bridge across the sea.
I spotted some Swallows giving an flying display but trying so get one of them in a photo is like trying to catch smoke. Luckily a couple landed on a nearby roof and I managed a couple of shots.
I returned to the gardens and sat in the shade by the water to cool down before the bus home arrived.A very pleasant day out and not expensive. The beer was £2:95 a pint and the burger and salad £4 very reasonable for that sort of town. The salad filled half the plate and was lovely and crispy. A good day out 8 hours from leaving to returning and under a tenner,I like that.
I have photos posted.
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Right I'm off Ellen has a Lasgne in the oven and I am ready for it