Our Government like most in the world is filled with idiots of the first degree,some of the bills they get through amaze me.
We are in a time of tightening belts and saving money so they tell us and our prime minister said in a speech not long ago "We are all in this together"
Since then they have hammered everybody in sight especially the disabled and poor,they cut the annual wage rises for all public sector workers to a 1% increase and suddenly the board who decide the MPs pay have decided they need an 11% increase.
Yep we are all in this together we give those crooks take.
Another unbelievable piece of legislation defies belief not only on economic grounds but moral and health grounds as well.
registered alcoholics are given £25 (that's $37.7) per day
in tokens to spend on booze. They don't get it in money so they don't waste it on luxuries like food I suppose. Can anybody tell me how does that make sense in any way?
OK Rant over you can come from behind the sofa now.