The sun shone again so my Sunday morning shopping trip was a walk both ways clocking up 4.1 miles on the pedometer in perfect walking conditions,just enough breeze to keep things fresh.
I only had pipe fodder and a trip to Cooltrader today so plenty of room in mt backpack for the shopping. with no second bag to carry this meant I could walk there and back and get a few more miles in my legs.
I walked through the little haven but no photos there you only saw it a couple of days ago.
I did get this shot of an Oyster Catcher on top of a wall, with his long beak and piercing red eyes he is a handsome fella.

I snapped this hanging basket one of the many that line the streets complement the flower boxes I posted snaps of.

On the way back home coming over the bridge I noticed this craft approaching at a rate and zooming under the bridge below.

After lunch it was a lazy afternoon until dinner needed cooking then back out into the garden with a glass of fruit cider topped with a blob of vanilla ice cream,boy that was refreshing.This one was made with blackcurrants and strawberries and is 4% proof,a very tasty brew indeed.
The cats have hardly been seen just like yesterday. They come home for pit stop refueling then roar off again to cause mayhem somewhere.

Just gone 8 time for another cider in the garden methinks,have fun folks catch you later.