I finally remembered to ask my neighbour John about the plant with little flowers I culled last week,they are Fumaria Officinalis,there are 50 known varieties of which Officinalis is a common one.John rattled off the name straight away but then he does spend a lot of his time talking in Latin giving slide shows etc.He tells me he sometimes forgets the common name of flowers but never the Latin,it comes with the job I suppose him being a professional gardener all his working life.So that's another photo to be named for when it appears again like the Selfseed.
This morning I had as couple more splashes of colour appear so here are some snaps along with yesterday's arrivals.

I had these a couple of years ago they are very pretty.

A few of these opening up

A cornflower the first of 5 or 6 waiting to bloom.

2 more blooms on Margaret's rose

This little fella is a Dwarf Poppy 3 or 4 inch tall and the bloom the size of my thumbnail it will grow but not much

I hope you have fun today, I'll be off into the sunshine later