Just a couple or three bits from yesterday before I enjoy another glorious day.
I checked on the calorie count as I didn't have a clue to what I should use on a walk.
My profile for weight etc tell me a walk for pleasure should burn around 240 an hour which would tie in pretty close with yesterday's total because \ lot of the time was spent standing around talking or sitting doing a little people watching.

The temps in my garden yesterday afternoon reached 88f in the shade which is 31.13 in new money and in the UK especially the north that is not warm it is hot and very sticky with our high humidity.I know the heat gets to some Brits but for me high 80s is perfect I don't complain about the heat,bring it on in spades I say,I love it. I was mowing my back grass with the sun on my back and it felt good.

This is a photo of Zazzles absolutely floored by the weather poor little fella. He wasn't too exhausted to drag a mouse to bed with him mind.

Right bring on the sun and lets get out there while it lasts.The front garden gets attention this morning before the sun leaves it Give it your best shot Zeus