A lovely morning again here so after posting my snaps for Summer's photo fun I put the back door on the safety chain which leaves enough of a gap for the cats but nothing bigger and collected camera,drink and a chocolate bar, stowed them into my back pack and headed off. Today's walk was down to Biggar Village up Thorny Nook returning along the beach home with a short detour for a little shopping,hence the back pack.
There wasn't much in the way of animal life today but I did get a shot of a mother and foal and two more of the long faced fellas farther on at Thorney. I had a break at some boulders while looking out at the distant tide. Some nice rock pools down there but that's for another day.There were a lot of smiling faces along the way to have a chat with and the time passed very pleasantly.

Details of the walk acording to the pedometer.
6.2 k ( just under 4 miles )
9304 steps
296 kcals
19.7 joule
If you don't know a joule is the SI unit of work or energy, equal to the work done by a force of one newton when its point of application moves one metre in the direction of action of the force, equivalent to one 3600th of a watt-hour.
Are you any wiser on if 19.7 is a little or a lot? nope nor me.

Photos here.

quote for today
.All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.

Friedrich Nietzsche