On looking round the room this morning I decided it was time for a clear up,something I am not used to doing because I don't leave mess. Before taking the rug and mats out and vacuuming I cleared my guest's junk.
From Ellen,1 pair of shoes,a top of some kind,a handbag,a brolly ( nope no idea why that is in here either ) these I deposited on the stairs,also she left the front line for the cats an empty fag packet, a cordial glass, and 2 coffee mugs, no idea why 2. These have been cleared.
Now to the cats toys littering the floor just waiting for a passing Vax to devour them.
10 small mice ( 2 mia )
2 larger mice
3 old cat collars
2 fluffy Christmas ornaments ( Santa and reindeer)
2 balls

The booty collected by said cats
From Sooty we have 3 blades of grass, I tatty seagull feather and 2 twigs
Zazzles contribution,2 pieces of garden twine, ( My neighbours )the pull ring off a milk carton and one of Ellen's hair bands.

When I remove items like these they are replaced within a couple of days.
These plus the scratching post and the snake which can't be tidied.A small haul this time.
All is tidy if only for a little while because Ellen is working and the cats are out causing mayhem somewhere no doubt.
Well that is all done the sun is shining the garden beckons