A warm hazy morning for my stroll over the bridge,with only pipe fodder and milk for the cat to get I decided to walk both ways as I would have no frozen food to carry.
I cut through the little haven as usual but decided to show you the little areas people walking through don't bother to visit in their hurry scurry lives. Folk working in surronding offices etc do use them on their lunch breaks for a little peace and quiet.The traffic noise is reduced to a faint hum in here. I spotted 2 rabbits on my stroll the first headed for the bushes leaving me with the wrong end to snap,the other posed nicely for me so I thanked him and he wandered off.A little roaming in and out and up and down and it was time to go.
Leaving there and walking along the channel side I noticed a fishing competition going on at the far end so I zoomed in a took a snapshot,not a very good one I'm afraid.Moving into town I spotted a Magpie on a roundabout and took a snap of him and a couple of more shots along the way.
I returned to find Ellen had a crisis with Zazzles he had managed to find some bright orange wet paint on his travels and got covered in it,so it was into the sink for him,apparently he was none to keen on this idea. I wish I had been here to see him and Ellen getting a bath. The outcome is health wise it hasn't harmed him the only sign now is one orange rear foot which I have yet to get a shot of,I will when he goes to sleep. The other casualty was Ellen's dressing gown a nice powder blue now decorated with smears of orange.It is little things like this that make the days a little brighter.

The sun is going to break through soon according to the weather gurus so it should be knees on show and into the garden. I clocked 4.35 miles on the pedometer a nice stroll for a Sunday morning.Time for lunch back later.
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