A rainy morning here meant being cabined up with two bored cats and of course bored cats get up to no good.
Luckily around midday the clouds parted and we had sunshine for the rest of the day with a promise of more and warmer nay even hot weather for the next few days. Bring it on.
The only thing of note today was Sooty taking on Mission impossible by leaping at Peggy on the wall,a bad mistake as he has found out on two earlier occassions. Peggy landed on the garage roof and then launched herself into the air gaining height rapidly. Dozy Sooty thought yet again that was the end of it until Peggy came in like an Exocet missile and he dived for the cover of the bushes. Two more passes and Sooty decided to abort the mission and hightailed it through the window. For a smart cat he is a slow learner where Peggy is concerned. there is only one outcome if a small young cat takes on a Herring gull and that's three time Sooty has found that out.

Fact of the day
This is not to be read whilst eating

The traditional cure for burns among blacksmiths is to blow their noses and apply snot liberally to the affected part.
nor this qote from Woody of course
I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose