Do you want to hear something funny? Our weather people have said that after this week we are in for a long dry hot spell right into August. Predictions of this kind from those bozos usually brings rain and lots of it. Don't hold your breath fellow Brits but wouldn't it be nice if this time they got it right?

It is with a little sadness I have decided to close Yahoo messenger. It is a wonderful tool for keeping in touch and also sending photos and large files instantly.It's like an upgraded version of Skype.
I used to have daily chats or videos with quite a few people but sadly I think they have been caught by that internet answer to reality TV, Facebook.The desire to blog,message and video seems to have left them in the busy hurry scurry world we now live in. Nobody seems to have time to chat for a few moments nowadays. I have stopped using Google chat for the same reason,Skype I will keep on because a couple of cousins in Oz keep in touch for family news on that
I had 4 people who welcomed me to 360, my first foray onto the net and I was clueless, they helped me sort things out. Of those I am only in touch with Jean nowadays,the only other 360ite is Jenny of course who I found on Answers not long after I started this journey.The same two are in fact the only ones from Multiply I am in contact with,people scattered like blossom in a wind when that closed. Changes happen quickly in this cyber world.On the plus side you always get a chance to meet new people from places you have never been that's always fun,well mostly fun anyway.
On this morning's agenda is a quick trip to Iceland,it was going to be a slow stroll but it's raining of course.