We had rain this morning and that scuppered my plans for a 3 miler down to the village and up along Thorney to the beach. Instead I found myself cabined up with two cats who wanted me to stop the rain. I did notice a couple of bright spots in the garden on my morning inspection,Margaret's rose has it's first bloom and a couple of small poppies have flowered.There are a dozen or so in a clump so hopefully they will all come alive in the next couple of days and brighten up the corner by the driftwood.

We had a visit from my son Stephen this evening.He had just been for a stroll and called on his way home.The rain I mentioned earlier had given way to patchy sunshine so he was off out. It was nice just the three of us and we spent half an hour or so with the chins wagging away before he was off for some grub. He usually calls when Ellen is at work so it is not often we get together.That was two family visits today Carl dropped in this afternoon before he went to work to show off his new tattoo, a scroll on his arm with the logo No regrets. Very smart if you like tattoos.
Anybody heard from Max? she seems to be awol.