Spell checkers don't recognise the word blog. Although it is an abbreviation of the word Weblog it is in the O.E.D so why is it not in the American dictionary that spellcheck uses?

A little tale of Zazzles. Yesterday Ellen heard his distinct let me in call but couldn't find him.We don't let the cats use the front door because the road is a few feet way but that's where he was sitting on the doorstep. She let him in and he walked right passed us and out through the back window. The crafty little devil fancied a short cut.

My daughter works in a hotel and as the town is a jumping off point for the Lake District at a fraction of the cost they get guests from all over the world. Different customs and manners of course. She tells me the Japanese are by far the most polite.

To me one of the strangest requests that she gets are from some people who want a full English breakfast without meat although not the Japanese they try everything with gusto ( No Max gusto is not a weird English dish )
These no meat meals are on religious or ethical grounds mostly I guess.
Can you image a full English without sausage,bacon and black pudding? That only leaves a plate of mushrooms,beans,eggs and fried bread or toast.Of late the hotel has been getting meatless sausage for them and it goes down a storm.What next meatless bacon?