It is time to assess the impact of my lodgers. This will be in two parts part one about learning to live with the cats.
Ellen and the cats moving back in with me after I had lived alone for 13 years was a massive change in my lifestyle.

For the cats in was also an upheaval from the paved and high walled streets of town to the wide open grass and trees of the island. They settled in very quickly, a few traumas with injuries and cat fights with their neighbours along the way but we got through those up to date.No doubt there will be more to come.
They are only young cats but soon toughened up and now are masters of their own patch with very few skirmishes with raiders.

I have learned through the scrapes they get into it is not a good idea to go out for any length of time unless they are indoors. This is easily accomplished with a rattle of the little tub which contains their cat treats.They are here in a flash.They have no problem about being inside for long periods without causing too much damage because that is what they were used to and of course they can and do sleep for hours.
Bedtimes was a problem, they enjoyed late nights and just made it home a couple of times before curfew but now they go come home around nine thirty at the latest all ready to settle down for the night. Ellen was late going up a couple of nights ago so the cats decided not to wait and just went up themselves.
So the verdict is they are good fun but don't do my health any good when they slice pieces out of their feet or try to hang themselves on a bush and the bird kills really upset me,the new high rise feeder seems to have solved that problem unless the cats buy a ladder.At the moment they are dashing around the garden playing chase,Sooty still does that arched back,skittery sideways run which is so funny and Zazzles runs around in little circles leaping about as though something is biting him
We get on OK but I will be glad to see them go.