A small glitch on my computer. When it goes to sleep the little bugger won't wake up again so I turned the sleep mode off until I figured it out.A little problem to solve that's always fun.

I had a couple of inquiries about how the border of wild and mixed border flowers is doing so in a short break from the rain I took a photo. An abundance of greenery but very little colour at the moment.I took this shot low to the ground which makes the growth look taller than it is.The little patches I cleared and sowed in the fallow ground have similar growth to one degree or another. All I need now are some flowers and it should look OK apart from the bald patches caused by you know who.We are a long way behind with the seasons this year in the north so I live in hope of a late show.

I must congratulate Summer for the photo fun word this week,it has produced some wonderful ideas from participants good job all round.