A lovely morning and a trip to mothers was the order of the day. The cats were having their morning nap so I left them provisions and wandered off over the bridge and through the little haven. Plenty of colour starting to spread in there now,a lovely tranquil walk. I cut through the museum and on to the big B&M for some fat balls and other odds and ends including some Ambrosia Devon custard because I have an apple pie that needs drowning. I took a short cut through ASDA car park and on to the rezza. The geese were in a flotilla with the youngsters safely in the centre and the young swans were following mother around. ( their mother not mine silly) As I approached the far bank a swan blocked the narrow path.Without back tracking and going around the other side of the water this is the only route. So speaking softly with no sudden movements I shimmied my way through. He kept a close eye but no move to take a chunk out of me for which I was grateful and thanked him. An angry swan with back up on the bank was not in my plans so I was pleased to be away from him.I said good morning to the rest of his gang and carried on and then I had a chuckle,I came across a coot in the shallows on a rock with his ridiculous feet in full view. They are a sight to behold,funnier even than the moorhens are a small bird who's feet are the size of chickens. Further on a bank of daisies to gaze at and then across the road,the last leg to Mother's. The old girl is in good fettle and we caught up on all the news.I left with instructions to put some more of my photos and videos on one of those little things you stick in the slot on the TV. She meant a usb flash drive of course. I asked her which ones she already had and she couldn't remember so will I copy all of them! Yes mother if I live long enough.I have thousands of photos on flickr and 30 odd videos on you tube alone without counting 1,000s more family and various others on an external hard drive and discs. I'll stick to doing her just the trips out and walks for now I think that will take months.Oh and birds she likes birds------ and horses she like horses and the childre-----------------------------------------OH bugger!!!!
EBay beckons for more flash drives methinks
I bit the bullet and came home over the tops, down to the channel side and back to the bridge via the little haven. The bridge is a good sight after a long walk,only 15 more minutes and it's feet up and a brew. 6.26 miles a lot over rough terrain on a hot sticky day today and a slightly bad tempered back as payment,rest is called for.

photos here Including the swan on guard and the coot