Tin openers,scissors,tin snips,cameras,cam-corders with foldout screens,printers,computer keyboard and mouse.
What do the above have in common?

Well they are just a few of the everyday items made for right handed people.You can buy left handed versions of scissors and tin openers I have even seen a left handed keyboard ( the number block is on the left) and you can change the mouse simply enough. A camera with the button on the left and a cam corder with the screen on the right I haven't seen but no doubt could be got for oodles of cash. We lefties learn to adapt to a right handed world from children of course to such a degree that I bought a left handed tin opener and find it hard to use.With scissors lefties will find the top blade will obscure a line we want to follow.There are lots more examples these are just a few.

If I was writing this instead of typing I would find it easier to write in block capitals.This is a result of trying to push scratchy old school pens against the flow of words instead of drawing it along behind what you write.

Society and religion in particular have deemed left handers as evil for centuries this is the origin of the word sinister
late Middle English (in the sense 'malicious, underhand'): from Old French sinistre or Latin sinister 'left'

Of course this hasn't stopped us,the list of talented left handers is endless,from artists and the performing arts to sports and science and medicine.
If you have manged to last the course and ploughed thus far through this rubbish chances are you are reading it through the efforts and business brain of a very successful left hander, Bill Gates.

The inventor of the qwerty layout must have been a leftie after revenge because the most common letters seem to be on the left.Maybe to slow those typists who were so fast the keys jammed even more as they would mostly be right handers.
However it came about it's good for us lefties who can't touch type.
If you have managed to get right to the end of this make yourself a coffee or something stronger you deserve it.

Just a note one the morning blog,the cats made 5 attacks on the birds,result a resounding victory for the birds 5 to nil
Time for a brew and a chew