A much calmer day today with the sun trying to win the battle of the skies.
The cats have kept me entertained for a little while this morning. Sooty playing hide and seek waiting to pounce on any passing toy mice.

Meanwhile Zazzles was hiding behind the driftwood trying to ambush live prey from the bird feeder.

Tiring of his game Sooty went to join him. Both ventures ended in failure of course and the cats slunk off to greener pastures.

All is quiet now and time for a trip to the post office and then to the corner shop for milk and a chat with whoever happens to be there.
Catch you soon

Fact of the day
In 1381, anti-Hanseatic mobs in England killed anyone who couldn't say 'bread and cheese' in an English accent.


Hanseatic League
a medieval association of north German cities, formed in 1241 and surviving until the 19th century. In the later Middle Ages it included over 100 towns and functioned as an independent political power.