Nothing much to report today,after a calm start the day is now very windy but at least it's dry.
I flashed the pass for my Sunday morning trip over the bridge. Only two shops to visit today as Ellen picked my pipe fodder up yesterday. With more time to rummage around the shelves before the bus home I took my time. I found a small gammon joint for under £3 a favourite of ours with new spuds and fresh garden peas. Coffee,window cleaner,ginger fingers,pink panther wafers and Parmesan cheese were all on special so I did well there and headed off to Cooltrader. It is mainly sells frozen food but I only bought a frozen lasagne the rest was off the cool or snacks shelves. cooked meats and cakes etc. I wandered back to the bus stop as the wind was beginning to pick up again and by the time I arrived home a full bodied blow was buffeting me. So we have all been cabined up today with the cats making an occasional dash outside when needs arose.
The excitement is underwhelming.
I caught sight of a magpie in the school grounds this morning and he stopped to take a look at me before returning to his foraging