It is the wee small hours now in my corner of the world 1:50am. My house guests are sleeping,the wind and rain have buggered off,my evening chat with Jenny has long gone and I just watched a documentary on the goggle box. Now I have a bottle of beer to finish, I'vr read my e mails and am not far off wooden hill time on the road to Bedfordhire. I don't sleep many hours probably 4 or 5 on average but when I do sleep which happens in an instant I really sleep nothing will waken me.I rouse from my slumber in a few seconds wide awake and refreshed,no stumbling around yawning and scratching but up and at 'em and ready for the day ahead.I just wondered, as I often do about really diverse subjects what sleeping patterns others have,some I know need 8 or 9 hours and get cranky if they don't get them. Some like my beloved Margaret wake up in a thousand pieces and have to ease slowly into a new day. Ok folks I'll toddle off now and finish my ale. Be good if you can and if you can't make sure you enjoy it.