Very heavy rain and stormy winds blew through overnight leaving a trail of debris as usual.The haul from my garden was,a watering can,I know the owner of that,a beach ball, various pieces of plastic packing and a large cutting from a privet hedge. My watering can was still here tangled in a gooseberry bush and the container full of weeds was upside down other than that all was ship shape and Bristol fashion.. The new bird feeder was off kilter by a few degrees due to the heavy rain softening the ground as well as the wind.
Things are calming down now winds down to around 30mph and due to slacken to 20 later.
So a day cabined up with 2 cats who wanted to play out but scurried back as soon as a squall arrived.
No cooking day Saturday and today I had popcorn chicken and chips,not silly french fries but chips as thick as your finger. It's the first time I have tried the chippies popcorn chicken and it was very tasty.We inherited the name popcorn chicken from over the big puddle of course, they used to be called chicken pieces or bites

A footnote on the subject of food and Ellen's peculiar eating habits. For lunch she made herself some scrambled egg with cheese,quite normal so far but then she smothered the lot in HP sauce.
Sometimes her diet makes my eyes water.

Fact of the day
Up to 10% of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings.